Welcome to Big Sky Chat House!

Missoula and snowy mountains seen through trees

Hello, and thanks for being here!

I’m Max. I live in Missoula. In addition to putting together BSCH, I write about pop culture and drug policy. I also work as a podcast producer.

BSCH is a place where Montanans get to talk. The newsletter consists of long-form interviews with political folks across the ideological spectrum, as well as artists, advocates and change-makers of all stripes.

Warning: you may also occasionally see pictures of my dog, Cece.

Know someone you think would be a great fit for an interview? Think I got something wrong? Want to deluge me with unbridled praise? You can reach me at m.savagelevenson@gmail.com, or on the Elon machine @savagelevenson.

Thanks again for being here. Cece sends her regards, too.

big eared dog with a scarf in a green lawn

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