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In your intro to this article, you repeat the erroneous claim that "as a result" of Councilor Carlino's choice to vote for progressive nominee Fred Rice rather than neoliberals Hess or Nugent, the Council went to 22 ballots before choosing Hess as Interim Mayor.

This is the sort of garbage with which the Establishment tries to taint Daniel Carlino. The fact of the matter is that Daniel could NOT have broken the Hess/Nugent impasse by caving in and voting for Nugent; he could only have done so by voting for Hess. It was outrageous for Nugent, Anderson and others to chastise him during the proceedings for voting for a finalist nominee other than Hess or Nugent. Moreover, Councilor Carlino was the ONLY one among the Councilors to follow the procedure outlined by Council Rule 31, which specifically provides that in the event of two successive identical votes in which no candidate receives a majority, any Councilor may nominate someone new, whether or not that person had applied for the position. You also failed to note that the Hess/Nugent impasse was finally broken when Acting Mayor/Council President Gwen Jones called a "15 minute" recess that lasted 73 minutes, during which time Hess and Nugent engaged in a "bloodsport" mano a mano in the alley behind Council chambers, and eight Councilors, one by one (Carlino not being one of them), joined that spectacle, out of public view, evading the Open Meetings Law. Daniel rightly denounced that outrage. Hess procured his seventh vote when, after the back alley BS ended, Nugent tearfully and painfully told the Council that on ballot #22, he would vote for Hess.

For a month thereafter, at every Council meeting, during citizen comment time, I called upon those who scapegoated Mr. Carlino at the Interim Mayor selection meeting to publicly apologize to him. Neither Nugent nor Anderson would do so. Nor would Hess comply with my multiple requests that he state on the record that the Missoulian newspaper's false claim that Councilor Carlino was "censured" by fellow Councilors, was false. A censure is a formal motion passed by a deliberative body, reprimanding a member of that body for engaging in unethical conduct. That never happened. That's the kind of people we have "leading" Missoula government -- unscrupulous, virtue-signaling, disingenuous stooges. Councilor Carlino is a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for your otherwise excellent interview/profile of this compassionate, competent humanitarian and warrior against eco-suicide. I'm jazzed to join your subscriber list and look forward to reading future editions of Big Sky Chat House.

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