I agree with her response to the first question about Missoula "weirdness," why that is important and why we are losing it. But I've listened to Gwen speak at council, and I'm not impressed her grasp of complex issues. She seems to be part of the cadre of self-described "leftists" in town who greatly exaggerate and often play fast and loose with facts. (And I'm as far left as any of them.) They give other progressives/lefties a bad rap.

She also would NOT be the first indigenous person on council. There has been at least one (that I can remember): Patrick Weasel Head, who served I believe about a decade ago. It would have taken about 30 seconds of research to find that out.

I hope everyone looks past identity politics here. About 10 years ago, progressives fell all over themselves to elect a lesbian/bi person to council, without scrutinizing her politics. She ended up being from the "corporate Dem/business conservative" mold, who screwed us on housing and homelessness. Identity politics in isolation isn't great. (ack: I'm a white dude.)

That said, I'll keep my mind open about the Ward 1 race. I think both candidates have potential, but leaning toward Eric. (although I am concerned about anyone Gwen Jones supports!)

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